May 19th, 2008

Getting Prepared for Mesh

I’m really looking forward to spending a few days in Toronto to take part in the Mesh Conference. In fact I’m going for the full experience MeshU, Mesh Conference and Third Tuesday. For all of this I really need to mentally prepare myself for the crowds, discussions and networking. I’m a pretty shy guy and I’m hoping that this posting helps me get in the groove (yes the blog photo with a bunch of my cards is part of this process). If you see me please say hi, I want to talk, I love to talk.

I attended Mesh last year and really enjoyed it. I took in a range of keynotes and sessions and spent a lot of time chatting in between sessions. A year later I think it was keynotes from Mike Arrington, Jim Buckmaster of Craig’s List and Austin Hill’s discussion on philanthropy that have been most memorable.

We had a large contingent up from Ottawa last year and it looks like more this year, and this year we won’t be completely preoccupied with the Ottawa Senators. I know many Ottawa folks are coming back to Mesh for the second or third time time but also some new faces making the trip. A mental quick list includes several from Ramius, RealDecoy (3 including me), Mark Blevis, Craig Fitzpatick from Devshop, Jay West, Jeff Parks, Shawn Simister , John Wiseman, Joseph Thornley and I’m sure a bunch more.

For some reason I feel like I’m going to take more away from mesh this year than last. Last year I walked away with positive messages, good connections and boat loads of inspiration. This influenced my work and extracurricular projects with friends and now I feel better prepared to interact and absorb more of what Mesh has to offer.

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I’m really glad you’ll be able to make Third Tuesday Toronto. A very different experience from Third Tuesday Ottawa. When you arrive, grab me by the elbow and let me know you’re there.

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