October 20th, 2011

DrawBot at ArtEngine ModLab

Last night I was at Ottawa’s ArtEngine’s ModLab meetup, it’s a bi weekly meeting on Wednesday enveings of artists and technologists in the M70 lab space. This is only the second time I’ve gone and both times I’ve left incredibly inspired and full of ideas for projects.

I’ve been into drawing the human figure and portraits for a couple years now, loving it, but also wanting to do more exploration in the area of drawing, art and technology. A friend of mine, Darcy White has developed a couple DrawBots and last night he hooked me up with one. To get it to work I needed to do a little fabrication which was fantastic and gave me more insight into how the DrawBot works. I had to do a bit of wiring and soldering to connect the steper motors to an MShield and then connect that shield to my Arduino Uno. This was my first time soldering, I think I did alright and didn’t burn my fingers, whew. The MShield connects on top of the Arduino and provides the controller with the ability to control stepper motors and some servos, I thought that was pretty cool.

Just happened that I had a pack of coloured sketching pens with me so we used those swapping out the colour once in a while to create my first output from the DrawBot. The software is still in the early stages and I see an incredible amount of potential in something like a DrawBot. Just think of all the different kinds of data both historical and from the realtime environment that can impact the creation that comes from the DrawBot. That and there is nothing stopping an artist from building upon what the bot does.

Here are some pics I snapped last night as the bot was doing some drawing.


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[…] Mark Stephenson’s mention of drawing robot art at ArtEngine ModLab (mention of Mambohead’s drawbot) […]

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